Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little devil

I had to write down a few things Andy told me today before I forget.

I know it's hard to tell from this sweet little face, but sometimes Andy has quite the temper. This morning, after the third or fourth squabble with Daisy, he was in his room for a long time out. I went in to talk to him about it. He said it was really hard for him to be good when Daisy just kept doing naughty things, like taking his toys or scratching him. We talked about how it was the right thing to come and get me when things like that happen. It turns out he does know that's what he's supposed to do.
But, sometimes, he says "Satan, like... controls my mind."
I had to stop myself from laughing because he was so serious about it. I told him that it happens to everyone, and that we all make mistakes sometimes.
"But it happens to me all the time!" he says.
Later in the day at my mom's, he had a fight with Avery over something stupid, and he couldn't compose himself. He ended up in trouble again. After he decided to be nice, we were leaving my mom's room and he turns to me and says, in a very exasperated tone-
"This is exactly why I need a CTR ring!!!"


Katie said...

Hee hee! That is hilarious! Can't wait to see him!

Melissa said...

Do you want him to listen to the devil or not? Get him a CTR ring- sheesh!

Jalane said...

I cant stop laughing! Good thing you wrote those down cuz they are to cute to forget.

Heart & Sole Runners said...

Hey, why did you delete your post about you being a fatty McButter Pants?

Holly June said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever heard! I don't know how you keep from belly-laughing at that!! What a hoot!