Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Idea

It is actually not a good idea to buy your 4 yr. old his very own pair of scissors. ( I don't think you can see it well in the picture, but Andy decided to snip up the pants he was wearing - don't ask me why)


Chelsea Harshbarger said...

Too funny! I think kids just love to see how scissors work. Awww the simple pleasures of life. How are you guys doing? We need to get together again. Let us know when you are coming into Anchorage again or we can come out and enjoy Palmer in the summer.

Jalane said...

My kids have never cut anything but paper so im just waiting for the day they do something like this! Thanks for updating! It's good to hear what you guys are up too. And I feel horrible because I have your b-day on my calendar and was thinking about you all day and then when Kolin came home I forgot to get your # and call. Please forgive me. Happy late birthday!

Grandmagwen said...

Does this mean he is more creative than other kids? Most kids usually cut their (or their siblings') hair first. At least the hair grows back, but the holes in the pants are forever. Gotta love 'em anyway.