Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overdue Post

Here is a picture from Halloween- I know, over a month ago. I don't think I'm alone here- everyone I talk to agrees with me. They LOVE checking other peoples blogs, but HATE having to post on their own. I am absolutely forcing myself to put a new post up tonight because it's been a really long time.
So Andy was Batman for Halloween. Please excuse the poor excuse for a batsuit. I felt somehow it was my motherly duty to make his costume instead of buying it. So I did... and the results were less than spectacular. But he loved it and that's all that mattered. Never mind that I saw a batsuit at Target the day before Halloween for only $10 - it's the principle of it. I guess.
Daisy was a giraffe (Andy's old costume). I guess I needed to dress her up as a princess because everyone was calling her a boy. At the town Halloween party we went to a lady even told me Daisy was sure to be a 'lady-killer' when he grew up.
The kids had a fun time. Andy was really looking forward to having trick-or-treaters come to our door, but we only had two. It was a cold night. So this is a pretty bad picture of the kids, but somehow it's the only one I got. I'm really bad about remembering the camera.
The other pictures are just random - Andy with his buddy Xander, and Daisy eating a snack, looking cute.
My sister and her family made it up to Alaska. We are really happy to have them here! The kids have been having a blast - sledding, making gingerbread houses, and playing with all of each other's toys.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Jalane said...

I love to post even more than looking at other people's. I think the batman costume is darling, you did a great job! Maybe I should have tried to make my kids costumes, I think I spent $100 between the two of them-oops. Im glad you posted pictures thanks :)

Melissa said...

Daisy really is quite the lady killer. Better watch it.

Nice costume. I also feel somehow obliged to make instead of buy, and I don't quite know why.

Jalane said...

Ya my mom has an extra car seat she keeps in her car that you are more than welcome to use. My boys still are in there's but she has one. Im glad you like reading my blog, I think they are so much fun because you can count it as your journal and read back on things. Hopeyou have a safe trip here! See you soon....