Sunday, October 19, 2008

Andy's John Deere Birthday Party

Andy had his 4th birthday party (2 months ago!) I know, I'm a bit slow.
He wanted John Deere party, so we decorated with green balloons, and I did my best effort at a tractor cake. He and several friends went to Bouncing Bears first. It is a giant warehouse filled with blow-up bouncy slides, etc. They had a blast. Daisy kept Kevin busy taking her down the tallest and fastest slides. Then we had family and friends to our house for lots of food and noise.

He got way too many presents - his pride and joy being a little battery-operated John Deere 'Gator' from his dad. He had to promise not to drive it
down any window wells!


Tina said...

You Kenley girl's are so stinkin' good with cakes!?! You're amazing! It sounds like a fun birthday party...and you're kids just keep getting cuter and cuter! :)

Ellis family said...

Yeah you posted!

Melissa said...

Good looking cake. Did Andy try to hit anybody this year when they sang to him?