Friday, July 11, 2008

Back from Utah

We had a fun trip to Utah to visit Kevin's family. The sunshine felt so good! I also got to spend time with Lori and Amy and their kids, which was so fun!

Sunday we had a big birthday party for Kevin's Dad, who was turning 70 this month. It was a surprise birthday party, and it's a good thing he can't understand Andy too well because he almost gave it away several times! Kevin's parents bought a trampoline for the party and it was a big hit with Andy and Daisy for the rest of the visit.

Some other highlights of the trip included:

- Trip to the Logan Aquatic Center. The kids loved playing in the water. Andy went down the big waterslide with Kevin and was disappointed that it didn't shoot him up into the air at the end. The kids were taking turns jumping off the side of the pool and into our arms. Lori's daughter Avery was standing behind Andy and I guess he was taking too long, so she booted him right in the rear end and into the pool. We couldn't stop laughing!
- We took the kids to Wall-E (wierd movie!) and then to an adorable little ice cream shop afterwards. They made a big mess but loved it.
- A trip to Bear Lake! Bear Lake is one of my favorite memories from visiting Utah as a kid, so I'm so glad we got to go. The kids loved playing in the sand and chasing the seagulls.
- Playing the marble game with Kevin's family. We have a long-running feud between the men and women and I'm pretty sure the women came out victorious last week.
-Fourth of July Fireworks and parade. I love the Fourth of July! It was a little hot that day, but still fun!
-On a visit to Kevin's brothers house, Andy and his cousins were driving around in their little battery-operated jeeps. Andy took a turn driving, and nose-dived the jeep down an open window well! It was so funny. I wish we'd gotten a picture, but at the time, they were stuck in a window well screaming so we had to get them out first and make sure they were ok!


Jalane said...

It was good to see you guys! Glad you had a fun trip. Your house looks good. We will miss you!

lori said...

Glad to see you finally posting something again! How are you enjoying the 50 degree weather back home?

Lee & Amy Harmon said...

Hey Shmita, I thought that I would get on your blog and write some annoying comments. Amy never gets on here, but nice post and I will get some up of the Harmon Fam soon. See ya guys!