Friday, June 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

A friend of mine did a blog with some of her favorite things, and I thought it was so fun... so I thought I'd share a few of mine -

1. Babylegs
They are adorable little legwarmers in every color and pattern you can imagine. They are perfect for throwing on when your baby is in a cute little dress but it starts to get cold outside. Or I put them on Daisy under her pants if we go for a walk because her little pant legs always hike up and part of her legs get cold. I love the story behind them too - A stay-at-home mom invented them! I love these soooo much I want them in every color.

2. House, M.D.
This is the BEST show on T.V. - Kevin and I love it! I usually hate medical dramas (E.R. is the worst!) This is a can't miss. I have certain sisters who refuse to watch this show , and they are seriously missing out.

3. Chutney
Ok, don't laugh at this one. Maybe everyone already knows about this but it's a recent discovery of mine. It's sort of an Indian relish, I guess. It's just the right combination of sweet and spicy and it goes great on everything!

4. Josh Ritter
Really great singer/songwriter. Traditional, kind of folk music I guess. I really like him

That's all for now because it's getting late. I'd love to see everyone else's favorites!


The Faustino Ohana said...

I have to admit, I watched House on the way to Hawaii on the plane and liked it. I might have to start watching it regularly.

Trentadue's Tidbits said...

Hey Rita,
it's KaLisi... I found your blog on Emily Palenske's and thought I would peek in on you! your house looks lovely... and your kids are so cute! you're officially on my list of blogs, so keep updating... I'd love to see how you're doing every now and then!

lori said...

House sucks. Period.

Patience said...

I have an awesome Chutney Cheese Ball recipe that I need to give you. I love Chutney too!