Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On saturday Andy attended his first birthday party for his friend Xander. He was so excited - he had carried around his Spiderman birthday invitation the entire week. There were a lot of kids there - mostly kids of people who I went to preschool with when I was his age. It was fun. They had a pinate and cake, etc. They went sledding outside, which Andy was so happy about. The bad thing is, we haven't had snow in a really long time, so what they were sledding on was really old, hard, crusty snow. Andy took a little tumble and scratched the heck out of his poor little face. It didn't really phase him- he just kept on sledding. He didn't really get sad about it until he looked in the mirror later.
That night was the Colony Christmas parade. It was short and sweet because it was cold outside, but Andy was excited to see Santa Claus, and one float even had two baby moose!
This weekend was also the famous nativity display at the church. Mom did a great job as usual - it was very beautiful and a huge success.
Tomorrow I'm planning on getting out my box of meager Christmas decorations. I think it is past time. The thing is, I kind of hate decorating for the holidays. I think it's because we are always moving around from apartment to apartment, so I don't feel like I'm decorating my home. I don't know - I just kind of hate it, but I know I need to do it for the kids sake now that Andy is getting old enough to care. On Saturday we are going to get our tree, and Sunday we are going to make some gingerbread houses. Now those things I do like!

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